Cash Flow

Increase Productivity



When you purchase through TVBE you pay with trade dollars.  Less  cash out means more in your pocket.  Receive the added benefit of more exposure and marketing through our website, events and Trade Consultants.  Whether you're a new business starting out or already established in the community, more cash to operate your business  means less stress.

Benefits of Barter

The competitive edge, that's what TVBE gives you.  You'll have more options and alternatives.  Have another member build your website, print your cards, run print or radio ads, etc.  As a result, your cash sales will increase.  Your own personal "coach", (Trade Consultant) will educate you on how to get the most benefit for your business

TVBE can help you sell your excess inventory and idle    capacity.  You can then convert earned trade dollars into something you want or need.  You stay busier and more profitable year round, decreasing down time and moving idle inventory.  And what's the reward for a job well done?  Time to relax.  Why, not use some of your trade dollars to get away from it all? 


Strategically Maximize Your Company's Assets

Over 500,000 businesses in the U.S. actively use  organized trade to supplement their cash transactions and barter accounted for 
$700 billion in world commerce, last year.

In today's economic climate, it's more important

than ever for

businesses to

conserve cash and

protect the future

of their company.                           
TVBE is dedicated

to helping businesses expand their operations while holding on to their most valuable resource, cash.  Instead of purchasing the items you need or want with cash, joining TVBE gives you the ability to make these purchases with trade dollars.